Wednesday, August 28, 2019

No News

I've been reflecting and working.  I'm in the groove of life.  Most of you know what that means.  People have been asking me about how I am.  I guess you could say that they have been checking in with me, which I greatly appreciate; especially since I have not been writing on a regular basis.  Well, I'm not feeling anything.  I am happily subsisting. 

I was at least 10 years old when my mother died and that summer, my father left me with a woman named Doris from church who took care of children.  The summer required a full day of watching.  She had this other little girl that she would watch as well.  I remember Doris bragging that this other little girl's family would clean her room each Saturday.  I thought that this was such a strange thing to brag about.  Apparently the little girl's mother took good care of her daughter.  What was Doris telling me about myself?  There was an implication but I'm not very sure what it was, even now.  I remember weird things about Doris.  She used to have varicose veins and she had an operation but the trade off was that she couldn't wear heels.  There was nothing to do, all day long.  Doris was very particular.

One thing that I remember clearly was being made to watch the Great Space Coaster.  It was for the other girl's benefit.  I came to appreciate this show.  My favorite segment was a line that became a man.  This line man would talk gibberish and yell and was emotive.  I love this line even now.  There was also a broadcaster who's sign off line was, "No gnus is good gnus and this is Gary Gnu."  Well, all this to say that no news is good news.  I'm just sailing on.  Thanks for thinking of me.

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