Saturday, August 24, 2019


I have been thinking about the nature of attraction.  I have been thinking about what I deem as attractive and who thinks I am attractive and what they find is attractive about me.  My lips and teeth are big on the list.  Related to this, I get comments on my smile. I normally don't think too much about my teeth and mouth other than applying lipstick.  Recently I have started brushing my teeth with a new toothpaste and am proud of the fact that my teeth are shinier and smoother thanks to the new dental cleansing. 

I have been complimented on my nail beds and I would have to agree.  I have beautiful beds and strong fingernails that make me proud.  Of course, my hair is a point of discussion.  It's long and curly and I dye it funky colors so many people comment all of the time on my hair.  On a side note, I spent the last 23 years insisting on having short hair when long hair suited me this whole time.

I have been called attractive.  That's nice, but I don't really care about being attractive.  I care about being me, authentically me. I think that the things that are most attractive about people have nothing that can be found on a dating app.  When I remember what I liked about some of the people I have loved, looks have very little to do with it.  I mean... looks have something to do with it.  I used to date this guy who was great but I didn't like his natural smell.  I have a sensitive nose and his smell reminded me of a dry, bitter, desert plant.

Attraction is attractive.  I don't know what is next to happen.  I'm taking a dating break and I'm not expecting to find anyone but myself and God.  I want to be liked by someone who will like all of me.  Who will love all of me.  I want to like all of someone too.  If someone is too good looking, I have to swipe left, even if they have liked me first.  What am I going to do with someone that good looking?  Come on, that's not real.  I want to like someone that goes with me.  I won't settle.  I'm okay not being with anyone if that means I don't get everything that I want.  And so... I am happily writing this blog and deciding to be happy in my present state.  I am so thankful for God.  He allows me to be secure in who I am regardless of my circumstances. Amen and Praise the Lord.

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