Wednesday, March 4, 2020


I read an article the other day.  It was about appreciating being single.  An artist used pictures to illustrate all of the things that are wonderful about singleness.  I was worried about this.  I am getting used to being single. 

I woke up in the morning and I looked around my messy room as I was getting ready to leave.  It was a mess because my bed was a mess and I had tried on some outfits and I thought, "Man, this place is a mess!"  I smiled to myself because there was no one but my children to see it.  I don't have to do anything.  I could fix it later. 

I spent 24 years being in a couple.  I had a feeling that I would have a moment in time where I would feel the adjustment, the adapting to singleness.  There is something to be said about living a quiet life with deep conversations with God because He is the one that is there.  When I have my moments of tears I can cry them out in prayer and there is peace.  It comes to me so sweetly that I can't even tell when it happens. 

I like wearing lipstick.  I can wear any lipstick I want.  I had this boyfriend that hated when I wore red lipstick.  Can you even imagine me without red lipstick?  As a married woman, I compromised.  I'm finding that I don't need to compromise as much.  The other day for dinner, I had a gluten free bagel thin with cream cheese.  My friend invited me out to hang out with her at the mall and I got up and went with my daughter, just like that. 

What else can I do?  Can I plan a cruise?  My Puerto Rican friend from work told me about a cruise that I might like.  It sounds amazing!!  I could budget and finagle it.  There is no consulting about it.  You know what!!!  Now that I'm thinking about it.  I could save up and buy myself a Chloe purse!  I don't have to buy a Chloe purse but thinking about the possibility of it is nice.

Now I got to go. I'm having popcorn for dinner.  More on this later. 

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