Friday, March 13, 2020

Appropriate Distance

I woke up this morning to the news.  You should know that my day does not usually allow for time in the morning.  However, I have been shoving news into my life and in my day as much as I can.  I am, after all (sometimes), a grown up.  My news sources have a tendency to differ but when I can't have smart news, I would like quick news.  I have been deleting my daily dose of news found in my email.  Email?  Right now my inbox is overwhelmed which is really unlike me. 

I took a moment this morning and I found that the world has changed.  The world is changing.  Is this isolation where we are heading?  I wonder what it is like in New York City right now.  Is there still the hustle and bustle?  My life is quiet.  I have to make an effort as it is to socialize and find people congregating.  I miss Central Park with the myriad of people visiting.  Our favorite pastime was to people watch. I need to go out of my way currently to do this.  We are lacking something.  It started earlier and being deep into my life, I didn't notice the separation and the isolation that was occurring.  It would appear from my part of the world that we are burrowing deeper into our individual holes. Corona Virus is nothing more than an excuse to burrow deeper.

It is an observation.  I am not in the least suggesting that you go out and put yourselves at risk.  In case this is not clear: DO NOT GO OUT AND PUT YOURSELVES AT RISK!!!  It is just me, a mere observer looking at life through my own lens and putting the thoughts together.  I think about how we are meant for community.  I think about how people are meant to be social.  I belong to a church community which is the world for me.  I have a family in the members of this church.  I have an appropriate social outlet each week sometimes more than twice a week.  What do people do who don't have this?  I need to be at work every day but I think of those that are allowed to work from home.  Are we creating a nation, a world, of agoraphobes? 

By all means, be careful, but put your distance of people in perspective.  Do you need someone?  Do you need community?  What are the thoughts in your head you are holding on to?  I ask this because I feel that the more we are separated, the more we assume.  We create a monster out of the masses.  Isn't this how it all starts?  "United we stand, divided we fall."  We are being divided, Friends.  Hmmm... the devil's power play (just posturing).  In any case, reach out SAFELY, and live life.  It's still too short, don't waste moments.  Until next time...  Praise the LORD!

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