Sunday, March 22, 2020

An Overabundance of Words

I'm sad.  Someone told me an off hand remark.  They said, "You have a lot to say."  Do I?  Is this bad?  They said it like it was a bad thing.  I knew it!!!  I absolutely knew it!!!  I may be insane!!! 

I mean, someone tells me in a critical way that I have too much to say and my first response is to write about it!  I do have a lot of things to say!! (She says while pouting)  I do write a lot!!!  (She crinkles her forehead).  There is nothing good about it.  I don't really have anything important to say other than the stuff that I normally write about. 

What would happen if I stopped writing?  I write letters.  I write journals.  I write my prayers.  I love the sound of the click click on the computer.  Maybe I am not addicted to writing but the sound of typing may be my comfort sound and I write to hear it continuously.  No.  I also write with pens.  I have an issue with pens and papers.  I think the right word is a better gift than toilet paper.  Yes, it is that powerful.  I think that a story could change your life.  I think about lyrics to songs and how they can change your mood.  We underestimate the things that have actual powers. 

As I sit here, I am powerful.  I consider this blessing.  I used to work with this para-professional.  Ms. Benavides was her name, Salvadora Benavides.  She hailed from Bogota, Colombia.  She reminded me of my father.  I love her still.  We lost touch.  There I was flailing in life.  I was a new teacher.  I didn't know what I was doing.  She understood my power with words back then.  She would tell me that someone with the ability to write could do anything.  She was so impressed with me.  I think of her now, this sweet woman who is encouraging me years later.  Can I do this for you?  Can I encourage you? 

That's all I have for now.  Hope it wasn't "Too Much."

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