Friday, December 13, 2019

The Perils of Overthinking

I tend to overthink.  I dig deep into reasoning and at times, it paralyzes me.  I have been accused of over thinking so many times.  "You think too much."  I can hear it.  They tell me this as if this is a bad thing.  My overthinking has helped me so much throughout the years.  I feel that it has been better to overthink than to not do enough thinking.

Today as I was driving home, I saw brilliant pink clouds that looked like brushstrokes.  I drove in the glow of a beautiful pink sky.  On the radio was the music of an acoustic guitar playing a Christmas Carol.  I didn't care about the traffic.  I didn't care about the work that awaits me.  For a moment, I sat and didn't overthink, didn't worry.  I just sat and was thankful.  I felt the cup of my heart running over.  "God is good."  I whispered to myself.  This is happy.  I miss all of this as I think; making plans and running on empty.  Not today, today I enjoyed a perfect sunset moment.  Do yourselves a favor.  Take a moment and don't overthink!!!

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