Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Gary The Second Part

Gary, my high school boyfriend, and I put a pin in it during the summer between junior year and senior year.  On the first day for homeroom I sat by my friends, Tracy and Odalys.  They sat on the last row of the two people lab benches.  I sat in front of them. Homerooms were organized by last names.  Gary and I had the same letter for our last name.  Homeroom was in Ms. Keane's Chemistry class.  I asked who was sitting in the space next to me but they didn't tell me.  When the bell rang, it was my guy, Gary who came and sat next to me.  He asked me if it was cool.  I was flattered and happy about it.  Man, if we broke up we would have a horrible senior year.

As the girlfriend of a football player, the big day was coming...the Pep Rally for Homecoming.  I looked forward to this.  I would get to wear my guy's football jersey and cheer on Gary as he ran into the gym.  For me, this meant validation.  The week coming up to the pep rally, I was in homeroom and I waited for Gary to come in.  I asked him about the jersey.  You know what he told me!!!  He told me that he already promised his jerseys to other people!!!  I demanded to know who he promised his jerseys to.  He has more than one.  Gary had promised his jerseys to Tracy and Odalys.  Now, we were all friends and everything but I could not believe that he had given away my rightful jersey to  my friends!!!  I was so mad!!!

Well, I didn't know it was such a big deal.  On Pep Day, I decided to stay as far away from homeroom as possible.  I was hoping that I wouldn't be there when he gave Tracy and Odalys the jerseys.  As I walked around the school, I got stopped.  Where's the jersey?  I really didn't have an answer.  I didn't have it and I wouldn't be wearing it.  The wimp in me wanted to go to the bathroom and cry.  I didn't.  I pretended I didn't care.

Finally the bell rang.  I went to homeroom.  I expected Tracy and Odalys to be wearing the jerseys already.  They weren't.  In comes Gary with a bag.  Even now I'm rolling my head.  You didn't give them out yet!!!  No.  He was so calm.  He said, "This one is for Odalys."  I didn't care, it was his Freshman jersey.  "This one is for Tracy."  I didn't care.  But then... he pulled out a third jersey, "And this one is for you."  The most romantic thing that has happened to me before my twenties.  Ms. Keane yelled at me when I squealed and hugged him.  It was worth it.  I didn't wait.  I put on the jersey on right away.

You know how peacocks walk around?  I was like a peacock... all day long.  The floor?  What was that? I walked on a cloud.  When Gary ran in to the gym, there was no one who yelled louder.  I got to wear the jersey home.  I washed the jersey by hand with mild detergent and fabric softener.  I dried it by hanging and when it was dried I folded it and put it in a nice bag and brought it back to Gary.  I wouldn't know it but Gary was one of the good guys.  More on Gary later...

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