Sunday, December 15, 2019

Looking Forward

As I look forward to the coming of a new year, I think of all the possibilities that lay before me.  You guys know that I am planning on selling my house.  To that end, I have not been "collecting" as much as before.  Yes, I confess to continuing my ipsy collection but that is because I like getting the pink package in the mail.  Let's call it my Christmas and Birthday gifts to myself that comes all year long.  I'm so spoiled!!!

I want to laugh more this upcoming year.  I want to be done with my schooling.  I want to make more memories with my kidlets.  My plan is to be less tired.  This will require more veggies and more water and less coffee.  Wish me luck with the less coffee stuff.  Nutrition and exercise can affect you.  It can affect your walk with God.  I got that from my friend, Craig (who is going to Texas to be a chaplain!!!).  So... remember always that God has a good plan for you.  Believe in God's promises for you.  I will remember too.  I look forward to telling you about my holidays and the plans for 2020.  Thank you for reading and God bless.

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