Sunday, December 22, 2019

Frankie Brown

I don't know if I have the right to write about Frankie Brown.  She went home to be with Jesus last week.  She was an older woman.  I would think of her as a pillar, a pillar of the church and the community.  Her husband is Emery, Emery Brown.  I know that her mind was going.  It hit suddenly.  I remember the last time I saw her.  She was coming out of church.  Her and Emery always ate Wednesday night dinner and it was just getting dark as she was coming out of the education building.  I was exhausted.  I told her hello.  She didn't seem to remember me but she told me hello.  I didn't know that the last time would be the last time.  Isn't that always the case?

Today as the service ended, I made a beeline for the bathroom.  I saw him.  He was standing so tall.  I never realized how tall he was.  He was talking to the pastor.  I felt sparkly because of all of the Christmas Carols.  I told him, "I'm so sorry for your loss." I saw it then.  I saw that look of utter bewilderment.  Emery had a Frankie sized hole in his heart and in his life.  He said, "You've been through this too."  He saw me.  He saw me as a co-survivor.  It was at that time I remembered.  "Is it a long road?"  Never one for lies I said, "It is.  It is a long road."  I should have lied.  I don't know what made me say it.  I hate to lie.  Maybe it was just that I had to go to the bathroom.  I saw the words linger in the air as I ran away.  In my heart I told him that he's not alone.  I'm walking with him.  I know his pain.  I also told him that God was with us.

I remember Frankie.  She was honest and sweet.  She was so loving in a way that only Frankie could be.  Frankie and Emery Brown were a mega couple.  I had to think about it when I got the message that Frankie went home.  Frankie Brown?  It's hard to think of Frankie without Emery and vice versa. I always think of them together. I always thought of them together.  I pray for strength for his widower's heart.  I'm praying for him now.

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift that was Frankie Brown.  Thank you for her humor and her love.  Thank you for her honesty and faithfulness both to her husband, the church and the community.  I pray for Emery.  I pray for strength and wisdom for him.  I pray that when the numbness fades and the pain hits so hard that he remembers You, Oh God.  Thank You, Dear God for Your solace, compassion, mercy and love toward us, Your children.


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