Thursday, December 12, 2019

Gary The First Part

I really don't know if I can write about this.  I work in a high school.  I think that the kids want to know about how I was when I was a kid their age.  Every now and again, I tell them stories.  You should know that the way that I remember things is not necessarily the truth.  I love Gary stories because the way that I remember him is happy.  I only have wonderful Gary stories from high school.  So if you know Gary or you remember us differently, please don't tell me.  I want these stories to stay the way I remember them.  Writer's prerogative!!!

Now, you don't know this but there is every possibility that I was the tiniest bit boy crazy when I was in high school.  I didn't have any... game.  I'm still clueless when it comes to men, things don't change.  Well... I may have to tell you the Robert story at some point but this one is about Gary.  That's his real name.  I won't mention his last name.  Yes, I went to high school with him. 

It started in Mrs. Torres class.  She taught Junior English... I think.  I don't remember when I had her, before lunch but not first period.  I think I had her third period.  I was sitting here when in pencil, I saw a "Hi" on the desk.  I wrote back.  I think I wrote it back.  I don't advocate for desk writing.  The next day there was another response.  I left one.  It was fun.  It was a little like message in a bottle.  There was mystery.  We ended up leaving notes to each other.  I had no idea who I was writing to.  After some back and forth, he found out who I was and I found out it was Gary, one of the guys on the football team. 

Gary came to me before class frantic one day to ask me if I would lend him John Gardner's Grendel. My dad would buy all of the books I needed for the year at the beginning of the year so I had all of the books I needed for the year.  He didn't have the book and wanted to borrow it from me  I was reluctant because I was worried that it would disappear by the time I got the book back.  He insured that I would have the book.  I went to class and I found the book.  When we opened it, I saw the message.  Gary thanked me for lending him the book.  I was OVER THE MOON.  He was soooo cute.  He had dimples. That's how it all started.  Gary was one of the good ones.  I'll tell you more about Gary as I go along.

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