Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Not Getting the Man

When my son was a toddler, he was prone to tantrums.  I called my Titi Lily.  The only thing she had to tell me was that  was NOT prone to tantrums.  The insinuation was that David didn't get it from me.  I love the loyalty of my family.  I still had a tantrum issue.

I knew that the origin was founded in a lack of communication.  I then found that the issues would occur in stores and circled around things that he wanted but was denied.  I would have a tantrum too!!!  I understood some of it.  He didn't understand why we would buy him what he wanted in the Dollar store but when he wanted something from Walmart that was much much more, he didn't get it.  We decided that until he understood, we wouldn't buy him anything from anywhere.  Purchases made for him would take place when he was not around.  We had disclaimers.  "David, we are going into this store but you are not getting anything."  He would nod.  He understood.  This didn't make it easier.  He would turn to me.  "I like this car.  This is a nice car."  "Yes, it is."  Such a sweet tableau!!!  Then he would say with marked vehemence, "We are NOT buying this car!"  People all around would look at him with strange gazes.  I looked like the bad parent that would not buy her son a car.  It was worth it.  David eventually learned the value of money. 

I am happily writing this post.  Went to Bible study today.  I looked at my life.  Did you know I have an amazing church community and my pastor, associate pastor and probably most of the elders know me by name?  You don't know this but I have amazing friends all over the place.  I have a friend, so dear, who I went to high school with and I call her my own personal Blanquita, who encourages me through messages.  I love her. Blessing after blessing.  I have been walking around telling myself, "I am going to be single."  I bought pizza with my kids.  I agreed to some holiday events.  I'm booked. I didn't have to consult with a single person.  Yay!  This single stuff has its upsides!!!  I just have to continue to remind myself that I am not getting the man and I'll be okay.  LOL!!!

In Walmart-- I'm not getting a man.
Driving in the rain to a Glitter and Glow-- Not getting a man.
Eating the whole pizza-- Not getting a man. 
Reading late into the night-- Not getting a man. 
Drinking wine while watching Bones-- No man for me.
Playing solitaire-- Not a man
Wrapping Christmas present-- No man
Watching romantic movies--  All by myself. 
All by myself-- No man but I DO have one amazing Savior and He is with me.  I'm not getting a man.  I already have a Savior.  So... I'm good.

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