Sunday, August 16, 2020


There is a lot to tell you all.  There is too much to tell.  I have started this post more than once.  This is may be the fifth time I am writing it.  I start and I stop.  I delete and I start again. Words are failing me.  I am currently sitting here exhausted.  I have come to a conclusion: I AM NOT READY TO WRITE ABOUT MY CRAZY LIFE.

There is more.  I tried to write this past week and I didn't have any words.  I have pen pals and they are waiting for my letters and I have not been able to put pen to paper.  Maybe my writing was like Forrest Gump's running.  One day, he stopped and he was done running.  Maybe I am done writing.  I hope this is not true as I love writing but things are happening all over the place in my life.  Definitely transition stuff is occurring and I am stuck.  STUCK!!!

I'm going to blame a piece of it on Covid.  Covid has me in a stressed out place.  I am understanding my previous coping mechanisms.  I have had moments of clarity.  I have had moments of anxiety.  I have had moments of hope.  So...  I'm here telling you that I am stuck and that I will have to unravel it all like Christmas lights.  Maybe by the time Christmas comes, I will be able to find a way to tell it all.  It's like the dried garbanzo beans I have been eating.  They are all stuck in my throat and I need time to clear my throat.  

Until then, Friends, send a prayer my way.  God is good.  He is faithful and he is able.  Praise the Lord!!!

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  1. Love the way you express your thoughts or not. Believe me, I can relate.
    I find myself in a perpetual state of feeling stuck. Stuck in my thoughts, my tasks,I'm even stuck right now on how to finish this comment. How about I pray for you & you pray for me on how to move beyond the Stuck 😳🙏