Friday, August 7, 2020

Bad Mood

 Man, ever have a bad mood?  I know this one lady that was in a bad mood for decades.  How do you do that?  Is it even necessary to be in a bad mood that long?  I was in a bad mood.  It happens from time to time.  I didn't stay in a bad mood.  I went to see my Bible Study Sisters and all of a sudden, bad mood gone.  They were a balm to my soul.  They reminded me of my mission here on earth through love and care.  We talked about what bothered us.  We laughed.  We were thankful about what God had given to us through our summer study of Nehemiah.  I got home and took a selfie and posted it.  Yes, there were bad moments throughout the day but some bad moments do not make for a bad day.  I looked at my selfie picture from last night and told myself that today would be better, and it was.  

So... why a bad mood?  I thought about it.  I go for a walk and I tend to feel better.  I am one with nature and I feel better.  I hang out with my children and I feel better... sometimes.  Damages are what creates bad moods.  Injustices can create bad moods.  Misunderstandings create bad moods.  Miscommunications, psychoses, manipulations, evil, the devil, the world can create a bad mood.  Here is what I am learning, I don't have to stay in a bad mood.  

I am developing strategies to get out of a bad mood.  Step 1.  Stop what I am doing.  Step 2.  Remember Jesus' master plan.  3. It isn't about me.  4.  What will help and not harm?  5.  Am I being a light in a dark place?  6.  Still need help?  7.  Pray.  8. Pray. 9. Read the Bible.  10.  Pray.  Then there are some other things that help.  Paint my nails.  Put on perfume.  Pet my dog/cats.  Laugh with my kids.  Life is short friends, so short.  I would rather spend my time in a good mood than in a bad mood.  

We are in a pandemic.  It is not a nice time but we need to let the joy of the Lord be our strength (Nehemiah 8:10).  Feel free to remind me of this when you see me pouting.  Praise the Lord!

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