Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Happy Endings

I had a nightmarish thought last night that has been niggling at the back of my head (as such thoughts tend to do, hence, the reason I'm writing a blog to dispel them).  I saw the memes and posts indicating an exhaustion with the year 2020.  I find it ironic that 20/20 usually indicates vision, adequate vision, clear vision, of what is in front of us (after all, we don't have eyes in the back of our heads).  However, this year, we have been blind, not knowing about what will happen next week, never mind the end of the year or next year.  

There are some that have treated this year as a throw away year, stating that next year will be different.  Will it?  Is this just some anomalous year to be forgotten like the vintage of wine?  Hmmmm... Here is the thought: What if this is just the beginning of a new type of normal the kind which it will only get worse instead of better?  The naysayers are nodding at me right now.  The predictors of Armageddon have suspected that this was the case.  I mean, what if it doesn't get better?  

We are used to our happy endings.  We treat happy endings as if it were a right or an entitlement.  Oh how we love our Hollywood Endings or Disney Endings!!!  I love fairy tales.  Did you know?  I love the dark gruesome fairy tales like the real Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen.  The Little Match Girl's end didn't happen on this plane on Christmas.  They found her little body frozen in shoes too big with burnt matches all around her.  What have we learned from the elusive Happy Ending?  Are we to wait for the end for our happiness?  Can we be happy no matter what our circumstances?  Can we be happy in 2020 because we are choosing happiness?  Yes.  I look to God who is bigger than a year for my satisfaction.  

That being said, I would not nor do not want to let any feelings dictate my happiness.  I would love nothing more than to choose to be happy.  I'm not talking about suppressing my feelings.  I'm talking about reacting, processing, emoting and moving on to the next experience and hoping that it is a good one.  I am hoping and praying to be liquid.  Liquid is a term bandied about these days to indicate flexibility and easiness in reactive situations.  Leaders are calling for us to be liquid.  I don't mean to sacrifice our health but to be liquid, like water.  Water cools after it is heated.  Water fits into hard places and it nourishes.  Water is easily formed and is temporary, but we always need water.  

My prayer today is to be like water, necessary and nourishing to the environment I am in.  I hope to be churned to not become stale and infused with the newness of God to be fresh.  I pray that I don't let my own ego take part in my circumstances and that I can truly be a light in a dark place.  Because, Friends, it isn't really about the ending, is it?  It's about the journey.  Praise God that I have Him with me on the ride.  

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