Monday, July 13, 2020


I pride myself in being a good communicator.  However, it depends on who I am communicating with.  This lesson is a hard lesson.  Am I being clear?  No, I'm not always clear.  The way that you talk has a lot to do with your personality.  I think back on all my arguments.  I think back on all of the times I thought I was right.  Was I?

My favorite form of communication is writing letters.  I'm lousy at chatting, which is why online dating is so awful for me.  Don't worry.  I've stopped.  Talking on the phone isn't that great either.
"What are you doing?"
"Nothing...  What are you doing?"

As you can see, I'm a true conversationalist.  

I'm better in person.  Somehow, my face talks for me.  But then again, my face talks for me!!! Yikes!!!  I can see in other people's faces that they think that I'm being funny.  And sometimes, I am being funny but other times I'm just talking and you laughing at my face startles me.  Santi used to say that I'm incidentally funny.  I rethinking how I say things.  Maybe I'm not that great at communicating, like I thought.  I could be wrong.  

This is why I hug.  Hugging is always a good bet for me.  It's harder for me to put my foot in my mouth if I'm hugging.  My hugs are the best things I can say.  I'll leave it at that.  

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