Monday, July 20, 2020

Going Back to Work

Not the first time I feel like I am talking about this.  There is a special type of feeling for teachers and office staff working in schools going back to school.  There is excitement and happiness but there is also dread.  It is a heavy feeling that our lazy summer days are over.  Imagine the Monday feeling and times it by all of the summer days that we have enjoyed.  Yeah!!!  That's what it is like.  Of course, we can't sleep before going back that first day for Professional Development.  We have orientations to re-orient ourselves on how to be a teacher.  It's usually stuff that we have heard for years.  We all move funny and are tired because we have to get used to waking up early again.  We tend to sleep for 10 hours a day those first couple of weeks because we are just that tired.  Things are repeated a few times because you know we weren't listening the first time.

This isn't a normal back to school.  2020 brings with it a double dose of anxiety into the mix.  For the first time the Back to School sale are calm.  Buying school supplies is like dressing for a prom you are never going to go to.  My children don't slow down when they hit the aisles.  I don't blame them.  We will figure it out as we go along.  I attempted to take them shoe shopping.  They really didn't even want to go into the store.  What has Covid and 2020 done to my children?

I contemplate another line of work.  I always reason that I wouldn't have summers off with my children.  I think everyone dreads the end of a break, this is why Mondays are so hard.  Kids are not like adults.  Kids are touchy/feely.  They like to hug and touch you, even the big ones.  Are they really going to stay with their masks on?  I can't say no when they come to me for a hug but then I run the risk of bringing something home to my kids.  They run the risk of bringing stuff home to me.  I control some of that.  They take off their clothes and wash them.  They take a shower.  I have a compromised immune system due to my gluten intolerance and auto-immune issues.  I'm the only parent now.  I don't fear for my death but I don't think I can bear leaving my babies orphans.  And so, I'm hoping and praying for resolution.  I'm praying for healing and I'm praying for leaders to act and make decisions based on what makes sense and not on fear.  At the end of the day, God is in control and He continues to have a plan.  Praise the Lord.

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