Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Eyeliner Days

My life is such that most of the time I'm running.  Make up is concealer, highlighter and blush.  Anything else and I'm having a lucky day.  I usually put on my mascara once I get to my destination.  You should know that there is every likelihood that I may be in a meeting putting on my mascara because you aren't fully dressed without it.  My cosmetic bag usually has some lip gloss and a few other colors including a brilliant red.  On a good day, I'm good with eye shadow, mascara  and real lipstick.  On an excellent day I have eyeliner and more than one shade of eye shadow.  I call those days, eyeliner days.  Regular pencil liners is a simple line, cat eyes are extra.  Glitter and cat eye, look out, Hun, because I'm coming!!! LOL!!!  

Hair is usually just wet hair and some hair cream.  The ringlets will pop up anyway.  In New York City, I definitely need it up into a ponytail with the humidity.  Here in Phoenix, I have pretty rubber bands with beads that I can wear as jewelry to put up my hair.  I like hair holders that include rhinestones.  It's enough to keep it dyed every color of the rainbow.  Right now the silver is just showing off.  Can gray hair be more like chrome?  It shimmers. My hair has its own personality lately.  It doesn't like to be up.  It likes to be down.  It falls out in protest when it is in pony tails for too long.  I wonder about long hair and old age. How long can I keep this hair long?  I don't know.  I'll tell you, this is why I am taking vitamins.  

The best time for getting ready is an evening event.  It makes me wish that I had a night job.  When I was younger and living in New York, I would get home from work and have a disco nap.  I loved putting on music and taking a shower.  Putting on make up and dressing up to go out to a nice restaurant and hanging out with friends.  Having a date or getting ready to go dancing.  Oh!  I love to dance!  I have a setting spray that I bought for just those days.  I've used it once.  

So, if you see me with some glitter and eyeliner.  If you think that my red lipstick is just too red, just know that I'm having an eyeliner day and tell me, "Congratulations!"  


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