Monday, October 21, 2019

The Girls

I'm a fan of Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo and Juliet." There is a scene when Romeo's friends are introduced as they drive by in a vintage car shouting at people with a song playing over their raucous antics.  "The boys, the boys" is heard. 

In my head, I have a similar scenario with my Bible Study Buddies.  We have a similar overture on as we each come out of a car in slow motion in our own version of a movie montage.  We come out looking hard ready to do battle with the evil it this world.  It is a group that started over a summer and we had committed to reading a book of the Bible using a particular study.  It was Nancy, Doreen, Glenda and myself.  We liked it so much, we figured out how to do another study on another book of the Bible.  Nine years later, we are still going strong.  The members have changed out over the years but the purpose of the group has stayed the same, studying the Bible in communion with one another. 

I think the official name of our group has been coined by Cliff.   It was something that just happened.  The BSB or Bible Study Babes has shared sad stuff, real stuff and wonderful stuff with each other.  We have learned to hold each other accountable.  When we get lost in our emotional and mental bramble, we call out to each other and trust each other to get us out and speak truth in our lives.  Such a blessing!!!

I have been asked if I'm in a community group.  I have decided that they are my community group and I love it.  A group to share in the good and the bad, a group to allow myself to vulnerable and real.  Praise the Lord for His providence in providing these sisters for me.  And here is the thing.  I know that they feel the same.

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