Monday, October 28, 2019

Good Stuff

I'm thinking of my favorite good stuff.  I'm thinking of fresh peaches on a summer day, not too ripe.  The kind you bite into and take half of it away.  I'm thinking of sheets, or a sweater freshly washed with the right amount of fabric softener.  These brisk days with just the right amount of brisk and a jacket, the wind blowing through your hair.  The smell of Christmas, not just of cinnamon but maybe it's the pheromone of excitement.

I like finding things of assumed great value in thrift stores.  It's like it was waiting for me.  When I pay for it, I'm so happy.  It's the high of getting over.  I also have the issue of a plain shopping high.  I used to like going to Bergdorf Goodman to buy my favorite Eau d'Hadrien parfum by Annick Goutal.  It was such a treat to walk around with that little blue shopping bag smelling of lemons and fanciness.  I would get home and take out the tissue paper.  Oh!  Such fancy tissue paper!  I would unwrap the bottle with the music of my own personal soundtrack.  Such a pretty bottle.  For a hundred dollars, I could buy a little bit of happiness and spritz it on my pressure points till it was gone.  

How about this... finding just the right shade of perfect red to wear.  Putting it on just so...  Looking in the mirror and knowing, just knowing, that somehow, this color changes you.  We put on the color like a persona.  There is Elle and then there is Red Lipstick Elle, a better version of myself.  I put on the red lipstick and walk out on the street facing the world, like a type of armor.  And you know I know how to wear a red lip!!!  

Here is my very last good stuff thing.  Having the hope of heaven before me and trusting in Jesus, my Lord and Savior every step of the way.  Letting go and not having to need so much of the other stuff in order to live my life but living my life for Christ.  Having the assurances of God in my life.  teaching my children the same things I learned about God so that they have the assurances of God in their lives.  Santi and I would say this thing, "Every now and again, we have quail."  Here I am looking at all of the other good stuff that I listed and knowing that God takes care of me and my own.  How can I not rejoice in God my Savior.  Amen!  Praise the Lord!  Alleluia!  God is the ultimate good stuff.

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