Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day 2019

This is not the time to start lying.  I worry.  The truth is that I was worried.  In the distance I could see today coming.  You see, you can’t predict what will make you cry.  I can no longer predict when I’ll be crying.  There is something liberating but most of the time, it elicits those looks you work so hard not to get.  The ones that accompany the side turn and half cringe.  It’s a look of… sympathy, you hope, but to me it’s a look of pity either way.  Did you know that your face talks whether you say something or not?  Well, be careful what your face says when you are talking to people, especially when they are faced with sadness. 

I have been keeping track of the year by comparing it to last year.  Every major thing that happened this past year, I have spent thinking about what I did with my husband the year before.  Valentine’s Day and my son’s birthday are the last two things before the year is complete.  It doesn’t help that Valentine ’s Day is a day of love.  I thought I would be sad thinking of all the love I am currently missing out on.  I imagined being covetous and upset to see the couples that are still in love and still whole.  Well, God has protected me because it didn’t turn out like that at all. 

First of all, I get a Happy Valentine’s Day from one of my absolute dearest friends in the world.  Then, I walk into my office and I see flowers and chocolates and even a bag of Doritos.  My best friend here brought my chocolates and flowers.  She even brought something for my daughter.  My other friend brought me a beautiful pink rose and best of all, my Bible Study Babes (BSB) brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card and Doritos.  I received via mail a Valentine’s from one of my wonderful sorority sisters and a beautiful card from my dear friend from church.  A friend texted me that she hopes I feel loved.  I do. How blessed am I?

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