Friday, February 15, 2019

The Children

I have these two wonderful blessings in my life.  I have a son who's 13 years old and a daughter who is 11.  You should know that I am constantly amazed by these two people.  It seems like only yesterday when I was holding them in my arms and just nuzzling them.  I would smell their sweet baby heads and would love to rock them to sleep and now, my son is taller than me and my daughter is not too far behind him.

They look to me to see how to live and to behave.  I hear my son talking to my daughter and I hear my words come out of his mouth.  They watch even closer than I can imagine.  I don't lie to them.  I try as best as possible to answer the hard questions based as much as possible on the Bible.  When I tell them to do things, I explain why I'm doing it.  I tell them to be kind.  I explain to them that God fights their battles.  I watch them carefully and I ask them about their day and their lives.  They tell me their stories.  They are tweeny stories.  I ask what they like.  They like memes and videos.  They have strange references.  They send me pictures on my cell phone they think I would like.  They are sweet.

They like going out for FroYo and going to the movies.  They like kid movies still.  They are conscious of not making me sad.  (Ex: Let's not watch this movie.  It might make Mom sad.)  My son tells me that when I am an old lady, I can come to live with him and his wife (once he gets her permission).  My daughter then stakes a claim on me.  They think of buying homes where I can have a room.  We like to stay out for Arizona sunsets and twilights and watch the way the sky makes patterns.  They like to take pictures of the sky.  We live a peaceful life.  They establish their new norms.  They have taken ownership of chores on their own without me having to tell them much.  We work on homework and cook dinners together in the evenings.  They like to snack during the day.  They eat constantly.

I have friends that ask me how the kids are doing.  I'm always amazed.  The kids are fine.  I tend to be the mess in this scenario.  The kids are secure in the fact that God has their back.  I don't know why I am surprised.  This is what I have taught them all along.  This weekend we are going on a hike with our church.  We will hang out and go to the movies then go to church on Sunday.  My advice to you is to spend time with your kids as much as possible.  They grow up too fast.

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