Wednesday, February 24, 2021


 This whole time I have just been sort of moseying along.  I've been trying to figure out in which direction I needed to go, I guess you could say that I have been dragging my feet and meandering.  If life is a path, I have been forced through a fork in the road and uncertain and a little scared, I went through this path with my children and tried to figure out which way to go.

Then I met Geoff.  I have told you that I was going to stop dating, right?  After the 12th date in the 12th month of my dating adventures, I was done.  The only reason that I kept on dating was that I had subscribed to the app and was waiting for the subscription to end.   

Did I tell you the details?  Did I mention how he had some really bad selfies on his dating profile?  I'm sure he will not appreciate this but there was something about his face that sort of made me look again until I decided to give him a try.  It started on a Monday with a chat and we met in person on Thursday of the same week.  I had been traumatized by my dating experiences.  It took a while before I understood that his intentions were not to ghost me.  He was respectful of my wishes.  

I was always of the belief that in a relationship, it is harder to be static than to either reverse or go forward.  A relationship is constantly in flux either moving forward on a deeper path or reverse until you return to the fork where you once merged to go on to another path without each other.  It is not common to camp on a path.  There are some places where setting up camp is not recommended.  I do think that there are some people who camp in their relationships as if they have gotten to a destination and would like to stay there.  I would say, most people, like in life, prefer a progression in their relationship.

I have been merging with Geoff in our relationship.  As I mentioned him to my colleague, the first he has heard of me dating, it didn't come as a surprise.  Someone else, a friend, asked me about marriage, which surprised me.  I had been dating my late husband 5 years before I told him to propose or leave (a story for another day).  We were together about 7 and a half years before we ended up down the aisle.  24 years together that we lived a life. I had assumed that it would take a longer period before our paths would narrow and we would choose to go down a path together until his or mine would end.  I assumed wrongly.  

His pace is faster than mine, his cadence is longer.  Like a runner he has me checking my pace.  Time seems to have sped up incrementally.  It will not be like it was before.  This is a new thing.  It is both exciting and stressful.  I pray during this whirlwind.  I pray that I am following the path that God has set before us.  I am trusting in a good God with a good plan.  Let's see where this road takes us.  Praise the Lord!

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