Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Issues with Time

You may not know this but I am really bad with time.  I am.  I love time.  My favorite times are Thursday after work because it is Friday Eve!!!  I like to celebrate upcoming time.  The time before a vacation?  This is my time of bliss!!!  It's like savoring a windfall.  What are you going to do with the money?  Are you going to buy your favorite things?  Are you going to save it?  Are you going to pay bills?  I don't know.  I love the idea of possibilities.  I feel the same with time.  What am I going to do with it?  Am I going to do chores and run errands?  Am I going to squander it?  Am I going to sleep it or do self care with it?  Am I going to spend it with family and/or friends?  Time may even be a bigger commodity than money.  You can never get it back.  

Under normal circumstances I am not good with time.  I am currently dealing with the prospect of moving.  I am working a full time job teaching.  I have not one but two teenagers abiding in my home, one of each just to make it interesting!!!  I am in school finishing up a degree.  What is wrong with me?  Then there is the cleaning and the other stuff that I do that takes up time.  No wonder I have no hobbies.  There have never been time for them other than writing and some reading these days.  I squeeze in squats.  I squeeze in some non-religious yoga in.  I have to schedule time to work on things and see people.  

Honestly, there is more.  There is volunteer work and Bible studies.  There are conversations with friends and shopping with growing children.  There are date nights now and part of that is hiking.  Soon enough it will be too warm to do things.  Soon enough I will be too old to do things.  Time, would not appear to be on my side.  

Time on this side of heaven is different, I assume, from the other side of heaven.  I am promised eternity on the other side. Time is so much more compressed than eternity here.  No matter what, I want to be thankful for the time that I have.  When I have a moment, I  languish in the moment, both good and bad. I attempt to be present.  I thank God for this short life.  I thank God for the opportunities.  I thank God for His wisdom and how I attempt to live my life along side Him.  Praise the Lord!!!

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