Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Dog: An Observation

 I am not a dog person.  I definitely believe that we as humans have preferences.  I think it is written in our DNA to tell the world something about us.  My son is unequivocally, a dog person.  He is a proud dog person.  He will love our cats but when given the option, he prefers the company of dogs.  My parents were both dog people.  Despite their insistent tutelage on all things canine, I prefer the company of cats.  My two cats, Midnight and Samson are taking up residence on their favorite place in the world, my bed.  

Today I took it easy as I attempted to combat the effects of the second dose of the Covid vaccine.  I recently got up from bed and almost stepped on the youngest member of our tribe, Barkley.  He is a Papillion Spaniel that we got off of the street on a Valentine's day about 7 or 8 years ago.  He is a funny little guy.  He drives me nuts but at the same time, I appreciate his devotion.  

He was laying by my bed as I rested.  When I am working at my desk, he likes to sit between or on my feet.  Right now he is by me.  I went to the kitchen for a moment and he was walking right behind me.  His little mouth was kissing the back of my legs as I walked.  I stand and he looks at me as if to say, "Where are you going?  Can I come with you please?"  If I baby talk one of the cats he will come from the other side of the house to get some loving, even if it is not for him.  He is always willing to nibble on the stray crumb of whatever.  He is particularly helpful when I drop popcorn.  I never have to worry about looking for a lost kernel when he is around.  

Today as I looked into his deep brown eyes, I realized that I love him.  I appreciate him.  I like his presence hanging on me when he is shut out of the children's rooms.  He is a good and quiet companion.  

He is more David's dog than mine but when I am at home, he is with me.  He knows when I am talking to him and he comes closer.  When I am mad at him he immediately has an "I'm sorry" face.  I look at my cats.  I come and leave and they could care less.  Barkley stays by me.  

I don't suspect I'll ever be a dog person.  I guess you could say that I'm more of a Barkley person.  He is my dog and that's all that matters for the moment.  Go ahead, appreciate your animals, even when they drive you nuts.  If you are lucky to have charge of a pet, give them a good life with lots of love.  Thank God for them.  

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