Sunday, September 29, 2019


Here in Phoenix, Arizona, you learn to forget about the seasons of the year. There is blazing hot summer, a dry heat but still blazing hot.  Then we get to Fall.  In the Fall the temps here get lower but not by much.  Winter is a cooler season but we rarely need a coat.  I have a coat in my closet.  Every now and again I will give away my coat thinking I won't need it and then I will have to buy another one again for a surprisingly cold winter.  Hats and scarves?  I have maybe one of each.  Those are other things that I buy to give away.  In the middle of summer when I am cleaning out closets, it's so hard to imagine that I need a hat of scarf in the middle of summer.

Our Spring here in Arizona starts sometimes in February.  You enjoy it before the heat sets in. It's a strange dynamic.  I think we can identify something in the air that feels like a new season before there is evidence of that season.  And it is not by what is being sold in the seasonal department of Target or Walmart!!!

I have been thinking of the Pumpkin Spice revolution.  I don't really care either way.  I'm not a proponent of PSL (Pumpkin Spice Lattes).  I had one the other day because it was a rainy cold day and I felt tired and out of sorts.  This was the kind of hot beverage I needed because I needed a balm for my spirit.  However, there is something about a new season that gives us... hope; something to look forward to.  I think that Winter can be hard sometimes because the season does not end with Christmas.  Once the bright merriness fades away, we are left feeling cold, like a fireplace losing it's fire.  I sense the same could be said of summer which precedes Autumn.  The highlight happening at the beginning of July and now we are ensconced in the mundane of work and school and there is nothing to break the monotony. 

Then comes Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The major holidays are on their way.  Already plans are being made.  I am saving my pennies to buy Christmas presents and decorations for my children.  I am getting ready for Harvest Festival and cooler days.  I am looking at boots to buy.  I know I don't really need them but I can't get out of the New York tradition of putting away my summer sandals and getting my winter shoes and clothes ready.  This year has been lighter than last year.  Last year was like holding on to a boat in the storm.  We are forging our new traditions with less pain than there was.  I am praying for new opportunities and this Autumn, I am hopeful. 

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