Thursday, September 19, 2019

Being In a Pause

I find my day subsisting of great stress and great movement.  What am I doing now?  What am I supposed to be doing?  What am I doing next?  In the lulls of the day, it feels like I'm grasping for the next check point as if these big actions are boulders across a creek.  One false move and I could be drowning instead of just getting my feet wet. 

Instead when faced with small moments- a smile, sitting down for a moment, waiting for food to be heated up, a first sip of coffee, coming home on a cooler day, the first bite of a warm everything bagel with cream cheese... Mmmmmm.  I want to bask in it like a cat in a warm sunbeam.  I think we truly live in the pauses, maybe we even live for the pauses.

There is this strange animated movie called, "Meet The Robinsons."  In this movie, the theme song, sung by Rob Thomas, talks of the 'small hours' and the 'little wonders.' It is true.  Today, in the pauses, I took deep breaths.  I decided to be thankful.  I made it through most of the week.  The weekend is on its way.  I am loved.  I sit in this moment, in my pauses and just for a moment, maybe even for a day, or an hour, instead of just planning or running to catch up or get ahead, I will be in the pause. 
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