Tuesday, September 17, 2019


I had a day yesterday.  Have you ever had a day?  Well, every now and again, you get stuck having a rough day for no other reason than it's one of those days.  I'll tell you how I usually handle hard days.  I usually take it home with me.  I replay it then pray about it.  But I let the day haunt me.  It mingles like flatulence and it carries with it an ugly color. 

Yesterday was an exception.  I took my bad day to my sisters and when I sat down with them, they prayed for me.  There was no room for the bad day to haunt me.  Instead there was healing.  I spoke to another dear friend right after.  Someone who just understood to call and ask when I was being evasive.  Aren't you glad that there are people out in the world like that?  Well... this is what I found out.  Using a support system is better than bringing my bad day home. 

Okay.  So... I am so thankful.  I am thankful to God and my friends.  I am thankful to God for my friends.  And I'll tell you what.  If you need some support, you can always reach out to me.  I will hang out with you. 
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