Thursday, September 12, 2019


Let me take a minute to talk about fashion.  These are the clothes that you choose to wear.  It's a big deal.  When I was about 12 years old, I reinvented myself.  When my mother died, I had long hair.  I had gotten it cut when I was about 8 years old an by the time my mother died, it was long again.  Here's the thing, my father couldn't deal with my long curly hair, so we cut it.  We cut it short.  It didn't work.  So by the time I was 12, it was long enough to do the half short, half long style that was popular back then.  My father bought me a royal blue wool coat and boom!!!  I was a new version of myself.

We all seek reinvention.  We think we know who we are and we dress to fit that part.  Sometimes, we attempt to reinvent ourself prior to an actual identity situation.  We dress the way we think we like.  We talk without talking.  We say something with the way we wear our hair and our choice in shoes.  Our handbags talk so loud. I like to sit and watch people.  If you go to the mall, you can sit down and people watch for hours.  I like to look at shoes.  I think it is because I think that some day, I will find the perfect pair.  I thought I had.  Black flats with sneaker sole.  I could wear them without socks and with almost anything.  I wore them out with a friend and she commented that they were exceedingly ugly.  My issue is that they wear away.  I'm looking for another pair... always looking.

I am a lover of words.  I am constantly considering how much I should say.  In looking at my new identity, who am I?  What am I doing?  Who am I telling people that I am? There is just so much to consider.  Tattoos and nose rings?  Heels an slacks?  Long skirts and sandals?  I don't know  Am I the type who wears dresses?  Am I the type who keeps her nails long?  Will I always change the color of my hair into  differing colors?  I definitely prefer it loose to pinned up.  My make up tells my story.  For example, I wore a very bold eye today but it doesn't matter.  I never see my make up in pictures.  I only see me.   

I would like my fashion to be joy, light and Jesus.  I want people to see me an identify my style as love and I want my clothes to be quiet, so God can speak.  I think He has more interesting things to say.  Can you see my nails if I'm smiling?  I wore sequins, even then I'm reflecting.  Praise God!

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