Tuesday, December 28, 2021

A Million Parts

I have come to the distasteful part of moving where I have to go through my possessions to see what stays and what goes.  If there were more storage in my wonderful house, I would just pack everything away until I am psychologically ready to literally unpack my baggage.  God and His perfect timing has seen it fit to pick this moment in my history to look back and reflect.  I feel like I have lived a hundred lives.   I look back on the old pictures and I ask myself, "Is this me?" I hope you have the opportunity to live hard.

Every picture is a story.  I told my daughter that I would sit one day and tell her all of the stories the same way I sat with my grandmother and mother and I heard all of their stories.  There seems to be a million parts of the story.  Where do I tell these stories?  What do I do with these memories?  

A dear friend is in flux at this time too.  She is going through quite a bit and there doesn't seem to be a lot of time to linger.  I think of her.  I think of what her circumstances are.  I pray for her.  We are not rescuers of people.  We are only meant to live as neighbors with one another.  We are side by side walking toward the light.  What do we do with those difficult people?  What do we do when we find someone in difficult circumstances?  Do we try and rescue them?  I know some who would want to try.  We make our own choices on who to follow and  what makes us happy.  I can't force that on someone.  I can only pray to the One who can rescue.  I can beseech the One who makes me happy.  I can pray.  I pray for strength and solace.  I pray for worship.  I praise God from Whom all blessings flow.  

Serving God is a backwards life where the first become last and the last become first.  Where we are called to love and serve the hard and toxic.  Where our neighbor comes before what we want and where the meek are to inherit this earth.  Where we lose our lives if we try to save it ourselves and we save ourselves when we lose ourselves to God.  Where we give of ourselves, our million little parts so that we can become part of the millions that serve the One.  Praise the Lord!

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