Monday, December 20, 2021

About the Car... Part 2

 So, now that I have gone through all of my psychological and emotional processes, let me write about the car.  I was driving a Nissan Versa.  It was a 2014 car.  I bought it in 2016.  It was acting weird even from when I bought it but I was told it had a CTV engine and I had to look it up but I understood that the engine was compromised even then.  I drove it all over the state.  The car had a name, Zippy.  Because it made zipping noises any time you tried to accelerate.  I remember driving to Vegas with my sweet dog in that car.  It had issues with the serpentine belt but it was my car.  It was kind of like me, kind of a mess.

Zippy, the car, had been have issues and I knew the end was coming.  However, this is not exactly the best economy to have to buy a car in.  The director at my work said, "Good luck if you are buying a house or a car."  I had to get both.  I didn't need luck, I have God.  

I knew that when we moved there would be issues.  Living 3-5 minutes from my job and making the commute was not too bad of an issue but living 11-15 miles away was another story.  I was going to need a car.  Talking to Geoff, he knew of the chip problem that had been plaguing the car industry.  He said that we would have to get a used car to last until I could get something better.  

We went to the Toyota Dealership one day after work.  He picked me up and we went to browse.  I can't tell you how expensive the cars were!!!  I mean, a car I would buy for about 7k was going for way more.  There were cars that I couldn't afford with about 190,000 miles on it.  I also noticed that the online price was sometime much lower than the in person price.  

In the end, I got a crush on a bigger Rav 4 with almost 100,000 miles on it.  It was purple and it matched my pants.  It was just in my budget but I was thinking of tryin to get pre-approved and this changed the whole entire process.

Geoff called me the next day at work to tell me that the AutoNation where we bought his Audi had a nice little Q3 in my price range.  When I called for the approval I based my loan on that car.  Geoff had to go there for service since he has a miracle Audi himself, and that is when he saw the car.  He picked me up at work and we hit up a few more dealerships just to see what was out there.  I liked a used Tiguan at the Volkswagon dealership and I thought I would just get that car if I didn't see anything else.

And then we hit the AutoNation.  There was no Q3.  It has been sold.  I had been pondering if I was the type of person to drive an Audi.  I decided to look at the other cars.  Geoff thought that I should go back and get the Tiguan, but the blue of the car called me.  It was so pretty.  I saw the color first.  Then I saw the price tag.  What!!!  I could afford this car?  This is what I was thinking.  And then I saw that the make was BMW.  What was a BMW doing in my price range?  How does it make sense that the only car that  I was able to afford was a BMW?  And then the salesman told me to get it.  Slipping into that driver's seat, I was falling in love.  I think my sweet husband knew then.  I was smitten.  He was so certain that I was going to buy a car that he brought with him the new Puerto Rican keychain he got for me.  Yes, I bought the car and I was even able to sell Zippy, the Versa to them.  God is good to us! 

It is taking me time to get used to this car.  I love figuring out the features.  I bought it wit 45,000 mile on it, a true blessing.  It was on a lease and then an older couple owned it.  It's a 2016 model and it isn't top of the line.  It's a 3 series.  Did I even say that right?  I don't know.  I'm learning.  I feel blessed when I drive it.  It's a lot of car for me but, again, it is the car that I could afford.   I am thankful to God.  Praise the Lord!

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