Sunday, September 5, 2021

Turning the Other Cheek

 We are all broken.  Did you know this?  We are born broken.  I wonder if anyone is raised the way they need to be raised based on who they are.  Any parenting slight and memories that produce triggers are made.  We are fragile, we humans with our traumas.  I think we need saving.  We need a Savior to come into our messes and save us... from ourselves.  

These days, when I come across negativity being strewn my way; I wonder... Is it me?  Or is it the brokenness inside that causes people to cut us off and be rude.  Should I return this negative energy?  Recently I had the opportunity to work with my son in his anger.  He wanted to return the same energy back to the broken person that came across our path.  I asked him, "To what end?"  Either we are part of the problem or part of the solution.  God would have us turn our cheek.  Turn our cheek so that they can smack the other one.  God would have us do the right thing and let Him even out the scales of justice.  The harder part of it all is letting God do this.  

I have people tell me, "I have anger issues."  Usually, it is meant as a warning.  They are really saying, "You should be afraid of how angry I can get!"  I smirk.  Like I don't have anger issues!!!  How do you think I know so much about anger and the cycles that it creates!!!  It's harder absorbing the anger and letting God and the Holy Spirit take control. 

I think that anger is about serving our egos and the ego's need than serving others.  As counter-intuitive as it may be or even sound, serving others instead of our own egos, may just be one of the secrets to life.  And it is frustrating and aggravating!!!  Ugh!!  I want to complain sometimes when it comes to serving others.  But then... something magical happens; something absolutely miraculous occurs.  We are and our demanding egos are fed and are satisfied.

The first time my sorority and I served on Thanksgiving at a soup kitchen, I complained at how early we had to be there.  I was not a happy camper in the least.  By the end of our time, we were happy.  I was happy.  We even did it for a few years after that.  Serving is its own blessing.  Phoebe Buffay was right.

What am I putting out there?  Am I being the salt of God or am I just being salty?  Am I adding to the collective unrest or am a being a light in dark places?  I am praying that I am the latter and not the former.  Anger- this only serves me.  Forgiveness, this negates that and helps me move on.  And let me not forget as someone who is a a hotter mess, I can forgive because God, my Father forgives me of my messes.  Praise the Lord!!! 

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