Monday, September 27, 2021

Being Consistent

As a person who is not just a hot mess, but a hotter mess, I can tell you with certainty that I don't do a lot of things well.  I am a great admirer of those who do do things well (LOL!  I wrote do do!!!).  I have moments that I find that I can be consistent.  I have a wonderfully long streak in my Duolingo.  I have been playing Candy Crush Saga for a long amount of time.  And I consistently go to church.  I go to church to meet with God and His people.  

I'm going to put this here but I have a confession to make.  I was having trouble reading the Bible on a consistent basis.  In fact, I have been with my current Bible for 9 years and I have been actually looking for other translations.  I am looking for a word for word translation that leans toward a study Bible with the possibility of journaling.  More than that, I am looking to be fed.  I am looking to hear from God.  I want to be open to whatever God tells me.  I have read through the Bible more than once.  I have read through different translations.  I like to take my time reading through it all.  Good News Translation, the older NIV translation, the New King James Version with a devotional, I have read through each of them several times.  So... what was next?  I found an app.  Technology logs the times that I log in.  There are different plans for the different seasons that you find yourself in.  God is helping me find a way to Himself... and I am thankful.  

I don't do a lot of thing well,  I am getting better at things and hoping to become the best version of myself.  But, as someone who is a self-proclaimed mess, I need to acknowledge my need for a Savior and that there is room for improvement.  I mean, who am I if I think I have it all figured out?  The one thing I can do and try to do well is to keep going, consistently.  So... I'm working on my consistency with God.  What are you doing to practice consistency?  That's all for now.  Praise the Lord!

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