Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Worry of These Days

I came home today and I was tired.  I brought work home to do it.  I didn't do it.  Instead I vegged and as I vegged I thought about all of the things that are currently on my plate.  There is a marriage to prepare for; a wedding to plan in less than two months.  I started writing the guest list and started hyperventilating.  I was supposed to fill out some forms.  I was supposed to investigate the marriage licenses.  There is a loan to figure out.  Yes, a loan!!!  I know.  I'm so tired.  I did something to my shoulder and now it hurts when I move it.  I have a confession: I think I'm getting a little panicky.  

I came across a dress.  I needed a dress and it was stressful to me.  I had been combing the clearance racks looking for a plus sized prom dress that I could use as a wedding dress.  I have to tell you that I was becoming desperate.  I wish I could have shown you some of the contenders.  I don't know what made me look on the app for a wedding dress.  This one was already cleaned professionally.  The price was right.  When I tried it on, I knew.  I knew that this was the dress and what the wedding would be like.  It was a blessing.  God is good to me.  

I can almost hear Him say, "How could you be worried now?  Really, Elle?"  I know, God.  Maybe it's the guest list that has me a little crazy.  Maybe it's looking for a new job.  Maybe it is just applying for the licenses.  Wow!!!I have a lot of things on my plate.  

I'm done for now.  I am tired and in need of rest.  I have time to worry about the things that I didn't do yesterday.  Yes, this is the life that I am living.  I have taken time to pray.  I'm still a little antsy but I'm trying to take all of these anxieties and leaving them with God.  They must have a little bit of static cling, they keep coming back to me.  Be in prayer for me if you feel like helping.  Man!!!  My life is so full of me these days.  Pray that they could be filled with less me and more God.  Praise the Lord!!!

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