Saturday, January 30, 2021

Keeping the Line Open

 I find myself praying a lot.  I mean, I find that I like the line open between God and myself.  I have a dear friend at work and there have been times when I have called her and she is running around in her day and we are talking but not really.  I may be writing.  I may be watching television.  I may be cleaning... but the line is open and I can hear her as her car makes clicks and clacks as she awaits to make a turn.  She narrates where she is and what she is doing.  

I do this with Geoff too.  "Yes, Miss."  I hear him answers when the barista asks him if that will be all.  I am there with him waiting for him to go back to telling me about his day.  He isn't talking to me but the line is open and there is comfort in getting to share this moment of his day to day.  

I like to keep the line open with God.  This is what it feels like.  I am driving and I say out loud, "So I was saying..." even though I haven't been talking since I started the car.  I don't even say, God.  I assume that He knows that I am talking to Him.  I bring Him everything.  The driver that cut me off; my upcoming oil change, my students, my job, my friends who ask for prayer.  Dear God, I start.  I come to Him in love and thankfulness.  I come to Him with shame at my behavior sometimes after I have willingly and gladly participated in gossip or became overly irritated and it showed!  I come to Him with my bloated belly feeling uncomfortable and chunky after eating too many Doritos (This has been known to happen).  I go to Him to pray for my former student who is currently drinking his life away and I can't seem to help.  This young man is in need of a Savior and I am not it.  So I go to the One who is and bring my many requests.  

I was on the hunt for gluten free pizza and coffee.  I was anxious and fretful as a situation that I could not help was building.  I was gratefully distracted by an amazing sunset.  As I parked my car to take a picture and turned around.  I saw a rainbow.  I love how God talks to me to tell me to let go.  He tell me don't worry.  He talks to me too.  There is solace in keeping my prayer line open to Him.  

The line is open even now as I am writing.  I am sitting at my desk today looking out the window at the sun shining brightly.  My children still sleep.  I slept in today and got some rest.  "Dear God... " I say.  I can feel the words in my heart.  I look up at the blue sky and without a doubt in the world, I know He hears me.   Thank you, Jesus.  Praise the Lord!!!

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