Monday, November 23, 2020

Love is All Around

Man!!!  What is going on?  I don't ever recall so many people falling in love, getting engaged and getting married.  All of the time!!!  One week, there were three weddings flooding my social media feed.  They are beautiful and unique weddings.  There are no rules.  We are in the midst of a pandemic... still!!!  Of course, they are small affairs.  I feel like there is less offense because we are all thinking about social distancing.  

I am happy about this.  There are no complaints.  I want everyone to find love.  Love of God, love of self, love of neighbor, love of the impoverished, love of animals, love of children and then... romantic love.  Life is so short, Guys.  What are we doing with our time, what little time we have on this Earth?  I have seen "Hamilton."  What will our story be and who will tell it?  I am learning still, that God is love.  Love overcomes a multitude of sin.  So yes, love (a verb, active, a command).

I have a pen pal.  We talk about a lot of things.  In this last letter, she asked me about Geoff.  All of her questions seemed to be about him.  I can't tell you about a dinner that is still being made.  Let me tell you, there is care as the meal is prepared.  There are prayers and reflections on my part.  I am thankful.  Who am I to have this privilege?  I understand this grace that has been bestowed to me.  Every day is about grace.  I mean... have you met me?  No one of consequence is who I am.  I read about widows.  It is the saddest word in the world.  I am  single mother, a widow, a teacher.  I attempt to educate the disenfranchised.  Who am I to have earned this honor?  Don't look at me.  I'm a mess.  I'm a hot mess... on burnt toast.  I promise you that I am.  If God could look out for a spicy, crazy, unorganized mess like me, then what could He do for you?  Love is all around... you.  God is all around you.  Whatever you are thinking or doing?  Trust in God.  That's all.  Believe.  I did.  Praise the Lord!

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