Friday, November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

 I have trouble sometimes remembering the last few years.  I remember that they were hard years.  I didn't feel them as hard at the time.  I am looking back and realizing that they were hard, probably the hardest years of my life.  I am thankful for the family and friends that took us in when I was on auto-pilot.  This year, due to the pandemic, we thought it safe to just keep it small.  

We woke up late, the kids and me.  That in itself was a blessing.  You should know that I am not the best of cooks in any situation.  My task was making the Spanish rice and the beans.  I made black beans.  I am upset that I was not able to find pigeon peas or gandules in Arizona.  My plan was to make arroz con gandules.  So who did the majority of the cooking?  Geoff, he did the majority.  I'm thankful he cooks better than me.  He made plenty of gluten-free sides so that I could eat like mac and cheese with bacon.  Yum!!!  There was turkey and even gluten-free gravy!!!  Can I just tell you what else he did?  He made me a gluten-free apple pie which we devoured with vanilla ice cream.  

We helped.  The day before we all went over and started prepping.  We love prepping.  You don't know this but my kids love to help.  I woke up early and started cooking then my babies woke up and started getting ready.  I got ready.  I think the plan was to keep it comfy but we brought it up to a casual and I broke out my make up.  We went for a walk and we were starving.  It was a beautiful day.  It was so lovely.  We had our meal.  We took a break and then played a board game.  We left happy and exhausted.  We had our first major holiday together.  That feels like a big sentence.  This year is not like the last two years that have past and I am thankful for that.  Keep us in prayer.  Thankful to God and Praise the Lord.   

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