Sunday, September 27, 2020

How We Started... Sort of

 I think the conversation started with, "So... what time is church?"  Let me be clear. I'm probably not going to talk about everything.  I mean, he knows that I blog but I usually blog about my stuff.  I don't know how I feel about blogging about this.  What is this?  Who is this?  Let me start from the beginning.

I think I spoke about a few friends telling me about Ok Cupid, the dating app.  I had dated for a year and was done.  After hearing their stories (Shout out to Mallorie and Andy!!!) I decided to give a last ditch effort to date, ONE LAST TIME.  I went on the app and created a profile.  I might have told you about the worst date I have had ever in my life with Chris.  That should have cinched it but I said that I couldn't end it all on a sour note.  

Let it be said that I met amazing people while dating.  Great friends and some good guys in general I had the chance to meet and have conversations with.  I already talked about the one rotten apple that almost made me stop.  I thought about stopping but then... I didn't.  Then I met Geoff!

I said hi to him via chat.  He was in my Likes list. There was something about his face. We just started chatting. It was the end of June.  I was writing and working and stressed.  We met on a Thursday after chatting on a Monday.  We went to West Gate and walked around.  We had dinner.  We talked.  We agreed to meet again for a next date, and a next date, and a next date.  Then we just kept on hanging out.  I remember the day he came to the house to pick me up like a proper guy.  He met the children and we ended up going to my favorite coffee place.  One day, after driving around, he asked if he could take us all out to eat.  

He came to church for the first time on the weekend when the children went away to camp.  We went out to eat on Friday.  On Saturday we went hiking in Payson.  On Sunday we went to church and after, I posted the pictures of our hike on Saturday.  He kept me busy because he knew that I would be missing my babies.  I was missing my babies.  I cried while driving them to church.  They love making fun of their sappy mom.  

So... that's it, for now.  I covet your prayers for us.  My prayers have been for God's will to be done in our lives.  More to come... Praise the Lord!

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