Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thankful for Church

Probably not the last post I write on thankfulness.  I am so thankful.  I'm so amazed at God and how He has given me so much.  I go to Trinity Bible Church in Phoenix.  It's found almost on the corner of Peoria Avenue and 35th Avenue.  Yesterday was dinner and Bible Study.  I went.  I was happy to sit with my brothers and sisters and Christ and just be.  So many people came to check up on me.  Thank you.  This church watches and helps me with my children.  The pastors and elders are not just leaders, they are my friends that feel more like family.  I was hugged, prayed over and just loved.  Loved in the way that I was smiled at.  Loved in the way they are genuinely happy to see me.  Loved when I ask dumb questions and they laugh.  Loved when I'm being feisty and quote back Kesha lyrics when I shouldn't. 

You don't seem to understand.  They let me hold their babies and smell their heads.  I love to sniff them. They actually wait until I'm ready to give their precious cargo back.  They let me tickle their toddlers and hug their children.  My kids watch their kids.  And the ones who watched my kids when they were little are still working with them as tweens and teens.  During worship I sing with them and I can cry and let go to God all of the hurt and pain as I lift up a sacrifice of praise to the Creator.  This is such a blessing.  I am so thankful for my beautiful church family. God always seems to know what I need.  Thank You, Lord.

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