Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Baby Boy's Birthday

Today my son is officially 13 years old.  So I am dedicating this post to the one who made me a mom- David.  I knew that David was going to be a special kind of boy from in utero.  He would dance when he heard music.  He would stretch so much that you could see him from outside of the belly.  His stretching would disrupt my whole entire class.  I fell in my 8th month and I was taken to the emergency room to monitor the baby for four hours to make sure that all was well with this little boy.  David found the microphone and proceeded to bang a beat on this microphone from inside my belly for 3 HOURS!!!!  His due date was March 15th, the ides of March just like a wonderful cousin of mine. This already was weird.  I remember pushing him out expecting the cries of a newborn.  I could not keep James on the head side of me while I was in labor.  I was alarmed when he was out and I didn't hear anything.  Where were the cries?  Is my baby okay?  Why was everyone looking down at me that way?  I asked, "Is everything okay?  Is the baby okay?"  I remember James telling me, "Oh, he's okay."  They took my bundle away to be measured and prodded and poked and it was then that he finally cried.  Later I asked James what had happened.  It's a story he used to love telling.  My dear son came out with his eyes open and his little hands clasped looking at everyone quietly. 

Let me tell you about David.  He likes things neat.  He is rational and can be reasonable.  He tries and makes sense of the world.  Right now he is taller than me.  He likes to play video games and watch really silly videos.  I have to keep an eye on what he watches.  He is quick to understand things.  He is quick to make inferences.  There are times when he sends me weird pictures that makes me laugh.  He is both protective and a little mean to his little sister.  He is the man of the house but he understands that I am the Queen Bee or the Queen Mother, if you will.  I think he understands that my purpose is to raise a good God fearing man. 

I asked him about living with him when I got older.  His response?  I'll ask my wife.

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