Tuesday, October 11, 2022

An Anticlimactic Graduation

 I have off this week for Fall Break.  Yesterday, I spent the day with my family on a family adventure.  Today I spent the day re-dying my hair and doing my nails because tomorrow, I will be graduating.  I believe greatly in graduations.  I always encouraged all of my students to walk when they had the chance.  There is nothing like the ceremony of graduating to come to terms with an accomplishment.  Yes, it's true that I still have the rest of one class and another class after this one to complete but in my mind, I am closing a chapter in my life that was long and hard.

You should know that I normally love a celebration.  I love the pomp and circumstance of an event.  Had this been the original graduation plan, I would have wanted a big celebration.  There is something about doing it in October, where my friends will not be able to join me.  One friend is traveling.  Another friend, I don't know what is goind on with but at the end of the day it will be just family.  I don't want to go out for a nice dinner to celebrate.  I just want to go to my usually Bible Study at church and post some picture.  I may be able to post the live stream and wouldn't that be awesome!

Here is the crux of this post.  I am relikeved at the end of the day to be mostly done at this point.  I will walk and I will quietly finish my classes and have just one more degree under my belt.  My sweet husband will tell me that this is quite the accomplishment and I am finally feeling that maybe it is.  As I have stated in a previous post, I look forward to reading books and watching television.  I look forward to being able to spend time on myself and maybe even... write more?  In any case, I am relying on the God who knows all things to walk me through all of this.  In case you were wondering, I'm still praising the Lord!

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