Monday, January 17, 2022

Her Birthday

 Tomorrow, on a Tuesday, my daughter will be 14 years old.  I look at her.  Well,  I look at both of my children and... I love them.  You would hope that I love them, right?  I don't know how God in His grace allowed me to have such children.  I am thankful to God for them.  

Janet loves the stories about what she was like when she was a baby.  She is smart and extroverted.  She is exceedingly kind and fair.   She is loving.  I won't spell out her shortcomings here.  I am happy to celebrate my daughter.  We are a family that wants to celebrate the goodness of God for bringing us to each other.  

My late husband used to love celebrating birthdays.  He would plan small intimate celebrations with balloons and homemade cake.  He would like to decorate home made cards and put streamers up.  We would turn off all the lights and sing Happy Birthday.  We were blessed to celebrate such happy times.  I wanted my children to remember what it was to be celebrated even when they feel they don't deserve it, such is the nature of grace.  

She had fun today.  We woke up late and before I knew it, a celebration came together.  My friend, Gia told us something like, "Who else but God could bring this all together?"  Yes!  Exactly!  It was like I planned it.  It was so good to see my lovely girl laughing and being a child with other children.  

Later this year my son will be 16. I have him for 2 more years.  Already I am sad and crying.  Time goes by so fast.  Just yesterday they were children, they were babies and now... I want to slow time down a little bit.  I don't have this luxury.  I must sit back and be thankful for what I do have.  I have them now.  I have them under my roof with me.  When they ask me to do something with them, I do it.  This is the time that it matters. These are the moments they remember and I am thankful for them.  Praise the Lord!

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